We're reaching out to you to inform you of some changes we're making to our servers.

Recently we've begun experiencing downtime on a few of our servers. This may not have affected your server but has been a major problem for us and has been the cause of many man-hours spent tracking down the cause.

Along the way we've uncovered multiple bugs in the CloudLinux kernel, made sweeping changes to our MySQL and PHP configurations and even replaced entire servers hardware to attempt to resolve this.

We've now come to a firm conclusion that the problem is to do with CrossBox, something you'd normally not consider to be problematic, but on this occasion, it has been found to be causing high load and leading to servers eventually 'panicing' / crashing and restarting due to a memory leak within the 'rootmanager' process.

After a long discussion on the best way to approach the issue, we've decided that CrossBox is, unfortunately, something we're no longer going to be able to offer. While we're aware it's much beloved by some of our customers, stability is a priority in all cases. 

CrossBox has already been stopped on a few servers and has caused major improvements in load and site speed and within the next few days, it will be removed in its entirety.

While those who used CrossBox for their webmail client will be able to switch to another webmail client, those most affected will be anyone who made use of our CrossBox server for MX records or as their IMAP/SMTP server host.

Friday, May 14, 2021

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